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Beautifying Saipan

Beautifying Sapan

On the Pacific island of Saipan, environmentalism and business are finding that working hand in hand may be the answer. Just 20 years ago, people were snorkeling, swimming and fishing in the waters off Smiley Cove, a World War II naval base. Now it's too polluted for recreation. Through the Marine Revitalization Project, local businessman Tony Pelegrino wants to clean up this once pristine area and build a 76-boat docking facility. The project will improve the environment, boost the economy and provide a beautiful recreation area for local people.

Earthquake Entrepreneurs

Some creative entrepreneurs found a gold mine in the wake of the Los Angeles earthquake. Baby Jane of Hollywood is a store specializing in Hollywood memorabilia. It has been selling broken bites of the stars' homes. Some of it they picked from the garbage, and some was donated by the celebrities themselves. Diehard fans happily pay prices from $10 to $500 to own a piece of something a star once owned. This unusual product also has an unusual benefit. Half the proceeds are donated to the charity of the buyer's choice.

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